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Our products include maintenance for the initial term of the license because our customers have told us that maintenance is an insurance policy for their success. Without one, we cannot ensure the security or availability of your technical infrastructure.

These are the main reasons our customers tell us they have a maintenance agreement for our products:

1. Access to new features, updates, enhancements and fixes

Revisions and updates to our products are made throughout the year. Updates are required on occasion to address compatibility and/or third-party software changes. Moreover, we need to update our code to ensure our products work at peak performance, to enhance features of our current versions of software, and to eliminate issues with our software running in your environment. When you have a maintenance agreement, you receive automatic and instant access to the latest product versions, updates, enhancements and fixes.

2. Complete support protection

Benefit from email, phone support and remote support.  Ensure your IT issues are quickly addressed by qualified and experienced support representatives, so you experience minimal downtime. We want our customers to succeed, and we are aware that the introduction of new technology is difficult. Therefore, we are not only available for support-related questions, but also to give implementation advice that assures customers enjoy a smooth and successful introduction to new technologies.